Family Law Services in Terrace, Northern B.C.

Are you dealing with a divorce, being taken to court by your ex, negotiating spousal support, or trying to obtain visiting rights? At Warner Bandstra Brown, we listen to your needs and priorities, taking appropriate action to lessen the burden and stress of family problems to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your children. Our lawyers are experienced in all aspects of family law and will help you find resolution with all relevant parties in a way that protects yours and your loved ones’ best interests.

Some of our services in this area of practice include:


Cohabitation and separation agreements

Maintenance and support

Custody, guardianship, access and parenting

Property division and related issues

Contested and Uncontested Family Law Matters

If you are currently making your case or preparing to fight for your spousal or parental rights in court, we can help you by providing professional legal advice and representation. We provide a full range of services on family law matters and divorce cases, which includes:

  • Fair negotiations for division of property, including business interests and assets, upon separation.

  • Assistance on allocation of debt.

  • Advice on child and spousal support after separation..

  • Advice on parental obligations and assistance in obtaining parenting rights.

Family Law Agreements

Are you getting married? Or perhaps you are separating? Family law agreements can help you protect your rights in the present and the future. Our team of professional lawyers can help you hammer out the details on your family agreements, whether it is your pre-nuptials, post-nuptials, cohabitation contracts, or separation agreements. We represent you and give you advice on your options as well as what the best course of action would be so that you are able to achieve resolution.

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