Commercial & Corporate Legal Services in Terrace, Northern B.C.

We are experienced business-minded solicitors who will give you responsive and practical legal advice with your business’ best interests in mind. Our lawyers are proficient at dealing with the intricacies of business law. We appreciate our clients’ commitment to success. Our lawyers are dedicated to working with you in all aspects of business law to help your business succeed. These include:

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Legal Help in Business Structuring

Is your business going through some changes? Our lawyers can help you in forming corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships, joint ventures, amalgamations, and mergers. We can also help you in dealing with the formalities and processes of continuing your company into B.C.

Warner Bandstra Brown

Assisting Acquisitions and Divestitures

Acquiring a new company or asset, or planning to sell something off? We keep your best interests in mind while helping you safely sell or purchase shares and assets, carry out business transactions, seek financing, and more.

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Facilitating Corporate Lending and Borrowing

Need some financial backing but unsure how to go about it? Or perhaps you want to lend capital but need professional advice on safe lending practices? We have your back. We will help you make responsible lending and borrowing decisions.

Warner Bandstra Brown Barristers Solicitors

Overseeing Ownership Agreements


Welcoming a new shareholder, or shifting into a partnership or co-ownership arrangement? We can help you ensure you’re not making a mistake that you will come to regret. Our lawyers will give you expert advice as well as negotiate on your behalf.

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Dealing with General Contract Matters

Need help dealing with everyday contracts and agreements? We can ensure your legal safety by looking over purchase and sale agreements, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, employment agreements, licensing and leasing contracts and more.

Warner Bandstra Brown Barristers Solicitors

Business Succession and Transitions

Having trouble with planning your business’ future and success due to succession or transition issues? We can advise you on the best course of action according to your situation and needs, including sale to third parties, management, family, corporate reorganizations and more.

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